Hazel Findlay repeats The Quarryman (E8 7A)

UK – UK climber Hazel Findlay has climbed Johnny Dawes’ 1980’s slate test piece The Quarryman (E8 7a). She had climbed the spectacular groove pitch in June but returned to climb all the pitches in one push.

Made famous in the Johnny Dawes groundbreaking climbing film ‘Stone Monkey’, the route is contains every type of bridging you can imagine, lay-backing, back and foot and a completely horizontal pitch which Dawes described like climbing on ‘Roofing Slates’.

Findlay described the route as “all about pushing, nothing about pulling” on her official Facebook account

You can watch a video of James Pearson climbing The Quarryman (which includes footage of Johnny Dawes Stone Monkey climb here:

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