Sharma Returns To Deep Water Soloing

One of the world’s leading climbers has returned to the shores of Majorca to practice psicobloc (Deep Water Soloing), which is when rock climbers take on very high and difficult routes on cliffs that have water at their base, to protect them from injury if they fall.

Chris Sharma is an expert in psicobloc, he loves the coastal areas of Majorca and is often seen on the Island during the summer months. Last year he hosted Game of Thrones actor, Jason Momoa’s climbing adventure here.

“Incredible days in Majorca. Very good for playing on the cliffs and in the water with Pol Roca. We scoped and tried some new and difficult lines, but more so it was just so good to be back and flow on the rock and water,” Sharma wrote on Instagram.

He’s also created a group of climbing friends on the Island and recently paid tribute to the late Miquel Riera who invented psicobloc.

“It was great to connect with my Majorcan family and remember our dear friend Miquel Riera, this place always fills me with calm, beauty and power,” he said.

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