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Wales Lifts Covid Restrictions

National Parks and other beauty spots

All Covid related access restrictions will be lifted across all of Wales by Monday July 6th and all closed areas should be open by that date. All the National Parks will be open for day visitors pretty much as they were pre-Covid. However, some local procedures may need to be in place to maintain social distancing and to prevent the spread of Covid. Most car parks and public toilets should be open but please check before you leave that this is the case at your destination. 

Photo credit: Felix Sproll

Public transport is still severely reduced, and many car parks may have parking restrictions – this is especially so in the Llanberis Pass, around Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) and the Ogwen areas of Snowdonia, where any available parking is limited at the best of times.  It would be best to avoid these areas at peak times and to have alternative venues in mind when travelling.  The Snowdonia Sherpa bus service will be running a reduced service and with social distancing rules in place capacity is reduced.

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