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Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell ‘Cuddle’ on Continental Divide Ultimate Linkup in RMCP

Alex Honnold and Tommy Coldwell have completed a new link-up in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Nation Park. Cadlwell called the adventure the Continental Divide Ultimate Linkup.

Writing on his official Instagram account, Honnold wrote “Tommy Caldwell and I just climbed what he’s calling the Continental Divide Ultimate Linkup (CDUL, pronounced cuddle, for how you stay warm during the night…). We climbed 11 classic climbing routes and summitted something like 17 named peaks across RMNP. We traveled from Meeker to Notchtop, which required basically 36 hours of constant movement with roughly 20k ft of vertical and 35mi of scrambling between the peaks. Though the stats don’t mean much because the terrain is so rugged that it’s hard to characterize it as “hiking”.

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