Chris Sharma: Trick or Tree, 5.14a Deep Water Solo

Chris Sharma has used the summer as a time to develop new Deep Water Solo lines in Spain.

“Summer in Spain is the time for psicobloc. The heat and humidity drive climbers like Chris Sharma to the sea in search of cooler temps, clean rock, and the next king line. But with lockdown restrictions in limbo, Sharma wasn’t sure if he’d be able to make his annual trip to Mallorca this year, and he took the opportunity to explore a little closer to home. “Mallorca is probably my favorite place to ever spend time in, but it’s really cool to have Mont-Rebei as a second option for deep water soloing,” he says. “It’s a unique experience—a totally different vibe than being on the Mediterranean.”

Mont-Rebei, located approximately three hours to the northwest of Barcelona, is a remote, inland river gorge with bright turquoise water lapping at the bases of steep limestone cliffs. “It’s one of the few spots in Spain where there are no roads, and the landscape is stunning—huge walls, tropical-looking water, fig trees growing out of nooks and crevices,” says Sharma. “The fact that there’s no way to access it except by foot or by boat makes it that much more special.”

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, he managed to make a few day missions out to Mont-Rebei, complete with a five- to six-kilometer kayak approach, and established a new 15-meter high deep-water-soloing line, which he named Trick or Tree. “Whenever I can get time to go out and do some climbing, it’s just food for the soul,” he says. “It always has been, but now more than ever.”

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